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Pam Peirce

Shell beans appear in produce stores and farmer's markets in late summer and early fall, when they are ready to harvest. They are usually sold in the pod. They turn from the shell bean stage to the hard, soup bean stage within a week or so if they are left on the plant, so the season is rather short. I think the only way they could be kept for later use is to shell them out, blanch them on a steamer for a few minutes and then freeze them. I doubt you can order them online. They are a special seasonal treat that gardeners can easily grow. I think they may be all gone by now in the market (by early November). I planted mine late this year, and harvested them in about the third week of October, but earlier planted ones would have come in in September.


Yes please tell me if I can order sheel beans for succotash on line.

Susan Tucker

I would like to purchase shell beans for succotash. I can't seem to find them anywhere do you no where I could find them?

Camille Turrey-Kellogg

Happy New Year Pam,
I had the great pleasure of taking a few of your courses at CCSF and have since purchased a home next to one of SF's community gardens, Ogden Terrace Community Garden. Gardening has been a part of my life since I learned to walk, an activity my grandmother and I shared for years but you taught me the technical side I had missed.

I am sitting in as the garden coordinator until Spring, and our goal this year is to promote gardening as a sustainable resource, and identifying beneficial plants for a bee hive we plan to add this Spring. I wanted to write to thank you for your helpful books, and inspiring gardens. I will definitely encourage our gardeners to look into your class.

Anytime you are in Bernal Heights, we are on Prentiss Street overlooking the Alemany Farmers market off Crescent.


Sorry off topic, but I know you will interested.

I been waiting about six weeks to get shipment of your book Golden Gate Gardener from Amazon. I will start another series at the local library. Your book is GREAT for anyone who vegetable gardens in the San Francisco Area.

Will you be doing a Podcast?



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