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Best Garden Show Comment

I was talking to a garden designer in the garden he had designed for the San Francisco Flower and Garden show when a small boy walked over and asked loudly, pointing at a plant behind him: "Is that blue-eyed grass?"

The designer replied that it was indeed blue-eyed grass.

The young man, who was probably about 6 years old, replied firmly, "That plant is NOT Sisyrinchium!"

The designers and I smiled and he said, "Yes, that is Sisyrinchium, it's blue-eyed grass."

The boy said, "No it isn't. It is NOT Sisyrinchium!" By this time, his mother caught up with him, and as the adults around all chuckled, she escorted him gently out of the garden, saying, "Please forgive my son's enthusiasm."

I have to say that I loved this kid's enthusiasm and his ability to pronounce Sisyrinchium.


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