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Record Rain in SF

We passed the record today for number of rainy days in March. We've had rain for 23 of the 29 days of the month so far, and chances are we'll have a little more rain on at least one of the 2 remaining days of the month.

I have a cousin who, with her husband, started a landscaping company in Wisconsin. They soon learned that in Wisconsin, landscaping is a seasonal occupation, so they bought a heating and cooling company, which allowed for work both summer and winter.

Here in California, we count on being able to garden all year long, with only a few days at a time of truly inclement weather. But this past month, a lot of gardeners and garden professionals are having a feeling they don't often get in central California--a feeling the the weather has refused to cooperate with gardening plans for quite long enough now. A touch of what those with actual cold winters go through every year. Landscaping jobs are behind schedules; gardeners are behind in maintenance tasks, and all of us are feeling a strong need for some sunshine!

Wet soil, nasty weather. I finally found a break in the rain today to deadhead plants in the front garden and put in pea sticks for the peas in the City College garden. The peas are about 6 inches tall now, and about to develop tendrils. Pea sticks are branchy sticks that are about a foot longer than the expected height of bush peas. (So-called "pole peas" need a 5 or 6 foot tall mesh trellis to climb on.) For pea sticks to support bush peas, the branchier the better. One fork in the branch isn't enough, since the plants will have many tendrils looking for something to cling to. Look for prunings, or pieces from fallen limbs, that have several twiggy branches at the ends. When the peas are well up, push the cut ends of the sticks into the soil every foot or so among the pea plants.


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