And Now Hail!
Writing about Weeds

What a mess the hail made!

Hailccsf_2 Shredded cineraria daisy, nasturtium, potato, even chunks cut out of the fat leaves of a hen and chicks succulent. There is a skirt of leaves around the base of a number of trees in the neighborhood, all knocked off by the hailstones--most of which were as big as garbanzo beans.

A mat of lumpy ice covered the demonstration garden at City College of San Francisco well into Saturday, the day after the hailstorm. The next day, the hail and snow froze together to make a lumpy ice sheet on the bare ground around the bases of plants. Lifted them off and hope for the best. It hailed again a bit today, but nothing like Friday night. As with a frost, I am leaving the plants alone for a few days to see what will recover.

Watching how long the ice took to melt in my back garden taught me where the coldest places are. They are next to the fence on the garden's east side and, coldest of all, by that east fence and next to the house, a shady corner where ice is still unmelted on Sunday!

It isn't that cold out. Even during Friday night's thunder and hail storm, it was only about 40 degrees F. Today it is about 50. But the soill temperature on Saturday was barely above freezing, from having ice melting into it, I presume. The sun is shining, after repeated rainy spells all day today.

Getting ready for the garden show. I will be at the Gala on Tuesday and viewing the gardens again at a Press Reception on Wednesday, then speaking at the show on Friday at 6:30.


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