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On Sunday, after I spoke at the Miller Avenue Sloat Garden Center in Mill Valley, David and I went to the Marin Farmers Market in the parking lot of the Marin County Civic Center. The market was lovely, selling everything from roasted chickens to organic strawberries, and including many booths that were serving lunch. Other items for sale were live plants, jewelry, and cut flowers. And I really liked a silkscreened tee shirt that read "I eat my vegetables" in both children's and adult sizes. You can see it, and other boldly decorated food themed tee shirts at the website: 

After we went to the fair, we hiked up a trail that led to an overlook between one part of the Civic Center Buidling and another part. This building, in case you haven't seen it, is worth the trip. Frank Lloyd Wright did it, and it is uniquely wonderful, with a clear blue roof, spires, and a futuristic feel that has endured through the decades. The garden we were hiking through zigzagged up, with a spacious circular concrete patio edged with a circular bench at each corner. It was warm and sunny, and I could imagine what a nice place each would be to have lunch while working in the building. At the top, we could look out at lovely hilly Marin from several directions and look down on parts of the building, on its blue roof and its huge skylights. The parts of the garden we walked through were nicely maintained and planted. There were redbud trees and native oaks in bloom, huge clivias in a tunnel through the building, and healthy looking nandinas along the walk. If you haven't seen this wonderful building and landscape, and are driving up 101 throgh San Rafael, look for the exit and check it out. It is on the East side of the highway, in the northern part of San Rafael. If it is a Sunday, you can go to the market too. During the week, parking might be more difficult, but then you could tour inside the building too, and see the extensive indoor plantings under the skylights.


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