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I'm in the Chron today, also, garden tours

I was pleased to be able to get a short piece published about my Dad's family at Easter. It was in the Chronicle, and you can read it online (on the sfgate website) at

Correction to the article: The box in which my Dad's family sold eggs held a dozen dozen eggs, that is it held 144 eggs. Proofreaders are made nervous by double words, so out went the second dozen. Sigh.

Also in the Chronicle Home Section today is the list of garden tours that will be held this spring. These tours are usually fundraisers, though the ones sponsored by city or county agencies encouraging Bay-friendly or water-conserving gardens may be free. You register and then get a map, so you can guide yourself from garden to garden.

I plan to go on the Mother's Day Native Plant Tour, which will be in San Francisco, 10 to 2 on May 14th. There have been native plant tours of the East Bay and the South Bay, and I think an SF tour has happened in previous years, but this is the first year that I have known about it. It is sponsored by the Native Plant Society. For information you can call (415) 841-1254.

An old favorite of mine is Gardens Galore, sponsored by the St. Joseph's Garden Club of Alameda. This is its 12th year, and if you have never been to the island of Alameda, you will be pleasantly surprised by the small town atmosphere and the charming gardens. This tour will be on May 21, 11 to 5. Tickets are $20 to $25. For more information, call (510) 864-8503.

Take tours to see how others solve garden problems, learn about new plants, and just for the pure joy of being in wonderful gardens in the spring. We assume that the rain will let up by the time of most of the tours, and sunny days will show gardens at their most inviting. Ah, something to look forward to!


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