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Looking Like Spring!

Gardens are actually starting to look good out there. The sun came out today, which inspired me to drive around a bit and look at gardens. Cherry blossoms are blooming, along with watsonias, daffodils, California poppies, California lilacs (ceanothus). Its been a long time since the California poppies stayed open all day, since they close up with overcast or rain. Today, everything was bright and sparkly. Hope you got out to see it. If not, sounds like there are 2 more days to enjoy it. Take advantage of the later sunset to go for a walk after work and see what might be in bloom near you. As my little 8 year old friend said: "When you see a flower, you feel happy." By golly, she's got it!

On Wednesday, if all goes as planned, I will have another article in the Chronicle. It's a bit of reportage about how the rain has been affecting gardeners and tree workers.

My next lecture and slide show will be on Sunday, April 23, at the Sloat Garden Center at 401 Miller Avenue in Mill Valley, at 10 in the morning. For more information call them at (415) 388-0365. I will be talking about Mediterranean Food Gardening, or how to use our mediterranean year to get the most from our vegetable and herb garden. I will be giving out a planting calendar and some recipes that will help you abolish the Eastern US bias that haunts us in so many gardening books and magazines. Hope to see you there!


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Dear Max,

The bias I am talking about is not that of individual gardeners, but of many garden books, gardening magazines, and often cookbooks too. This bias results in more ignorance among gardeners than otherwise would exist. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Golden Gate Gardening helped. In Wildly Successful Plants, I have dealt with, among other things, our regional climate and the ornamental garden.


Pam, your book was the reason I was able to overcome my own Eastern US bias. Thank you. (Although I should add that it's not only bias, but also ignorance -- our climate is very hard to grasp if you come from the east coast).

By the way, Ceanothus has been blooming in Oakland for a few months now, despite the rain.

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