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You may have heard of the movie called "The Real Dirt on Farmer John." I saw a shortened version of it early this month at the SF Public Library. The full-length version will be shown at the Red Vic on June 4 through 7. It is a wonderful film about a zany, thoughtful farmer in Northern Illinois who inherits management of the family farm and struggles to keep it going through the economic disaster that family farms have been faced with in the past few decades. It is advertised as a "humorous, heartbreaking, and triumphant true story." It delivers all that you could wish for and more. Go see it if you care about where our food comes from and how to get good food from nearby farms. Or see it for a wonderful story. (That is, if your partner or friend doesn't care about this stuff, she or he will love the film too.)

There is a website about the film and the farm at www.therealdirt.net. It seems that the showings info is out of date on the website, because the Red Vic showing is not listed, but the site has many interesting features all the same.

Sorry I missed Wednesday. Will try to stay regular. Good news is that I am planning to own a digital camera in the near future, so there can be Pictures on this blog. I can hardly wait. The semester ends this week, so more time to figure out the digital world for a couple of weeks until Summer School.

This summer, I am teaching OH50, which is the Introduction to Horticulture class required for a major in Horticulture at City College of San Francisco. You can learn more about it at www.ccsf.edu. Or send me an email through this blog, and I will answer questions.


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