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Heat Wave in SF

Another hot day yesterday in San Francisco, and, though last night the fog did come in, this morning, at 8:30, it has lifted, so we expect more of the same. And inland, we are having, as they say, three digit temperatures.

We don't get hot weather in San Francisco and near the coast very often. It is great weather for going to the beach or sitting in the shade in the garden, but it can be hazardous for dong strenuous outdoor work. I have seen one professional gardener this week with heat exhaustion, and imagine there have been others.

So if you plan to work in your home garden this weekend, take care of yourself as well as your garden. Wear a hat. Use sunscreen. Wear loose clothing in light colors to reflect the sun. Drink more water than you think you need (don't wait to become thirsty). Avoid sudden changes of temperature, such as getting into a superheated car (air it out first). Don't garden too long in the heat. Try to limit your more strenuous tasks to early or late in the day, when it is cooler.

According to Kaiser Permanente, symptoms of heat exhaustion include fatigue, weakness, dizziness, or nausea, cool, clammy, pale, red, or flushed skin. I'd add headache, as it certainly always happens to me. If you get these symptoms, get out of the sun to as cool a spot as you can find, drink lots of water (a little at a time if you are nauseated), lie down. Maybe sponge yourself with a little cool water, but take care not to overcool and start to feel chilly.

If you continue to work in heat you could get heat stroke, which shows itself through confusion, delirium, or unconsciousness with hot, dry, red or flushed skin, even under the armpits. If this happens, the victim needs emergency medical attention. Call 911 or get to an emergency room.

Scary, huh. So do enjoy your wonderful warm weekend wisely.

Near the coast, people have 2 reactions to high temperatures. One is "Wow, we are finally having some nice weather." The other is "It won't last very long, right? The fog will return soon?" (Yes it will, and even as I write, the fog is, indeed, drifting in again over our house.) So many of us are living in a dilemma. We would certainly love to grow some big, sweet, juicy, beefsteak tomatoes. Heck, we'd even like a few honeydew melons. But then again, we'd really hate to part with our wonderful natural air condtioning.


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