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The Furies of a Windstorm

Alcatraz Gardens, Frosty Nights

Early in December I went to Alcatraz, the famous prison island, in the San Francisco Bay, with members of the Mediterranean Garden Society. We toured with one of the people who are renovating the historic gardens there--both the ones from the Victorian era military base and the ones from the prison era. We went places the general public can't go yet, I took digital photos with my new camera.

On Monday and Tuesday of this past week, we had frost in my neighborhood. There was frost on the ground in our backyard and on all the nearby roofs. In the front, the cars had frosted windshields. At the City College demonstration garden, there was spotty frost. The chard looked untouched, as did the broccoli. The cabbage had a bit of visible frost. Among the plants covered with ice crystals were lettuce, radish, cilantro, miner's lettuce, and some of the arugula. I took photos, both film and digital. Then I went back yesterday and shot the same plants recovered. We lost maybe a leaf or two of lettuce, otherwise, everything seems fine. These winter crops are tough, but I was relieved when we didn't have a third night of frost, as that might have caused some permanent damage.

So where are the photos? Much is going on behind the scenes. I have to upgrade my windows version to transfer the images to my computer. I now have the (legal) disk. Sigh. I think after Christmas I will figure out how to get it on the computer, then put the camera's software on too, and...

Yes, stay tuned for photos!

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate same.


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Yes, it is the Mediterranean Garden Society that I have joined. When you join the international organization, you are automatically enrolled in your regional branch. You get the international Journal as well as the local newsletter. Mind you, I haven't received either yet, but I sent the enrollment in early December, I think, and membership is January to December. Directions for joining are on the website. You have to send a check to Europe.

chuck b.

Is that the same Mediterranean Garden Society as the one at I would join, but they haven't updated their pages in awhile so I'm not sure if the information on it is current.

Is this the Northern California chapter you're associated with?

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