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The Plants Say The Winter's Mild So Far

We are launched into the new year. So far I have written 2008 accidentally once, rather than 2006. A forward-looking error, at least.

Last night my husband asked me if the winter is unusually cold so far, and I said that the plants were telling me that it was not. I think what I am reading from the plants is that the fall was not very cold, or possibly that the fall cooled so slowly that they had plenty of time to adapt. I have annual mallow (Lavatera trimestris) fully green, 3 feet tall, and blooming. It should be dead by this time of year, not looking pretty. In the front garden I have an annual Convolvulus tricolor that is still blooming. Should also be dead. A gaillardia looks really good, still blooming well, but it should have quit blooming. Sure, we had a couple of frosty nights, and we had a couple of days of tremendous wind, but we haven't had a long cold period. I think it has been in the 50s or above in the daytime more often than in the 40s. I haven't been taking temperatures, but this is what the plants say.

My husband says: You always get back to plants. Yep, I guess that's so, but they have so much to say.


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