Frost Arrived Last Night
Some links about seeds

Behind the Scenes

Haven't written in this blog so much recently, but much is happening behind the scenes. I am working on a web site, which will link to this blog. I am also shooting digital images, soon to appear here.

I have also begun to teach one of my 3 6-week vegetable and herb gardening classes at City College of San Francisco, and plan to put some links in this blog to sites that offer information on subjects I teach in the class. These include obtaining seeds, seed starting, and saving seeds. Look for these to start appearing in the next week.

I continue to write a weekly Q&A column for the Wednesday Home Section of the SF Chronicle. I also wrote an article on our weedy but edible wild onion which appeared on January 20th in the Chronicle. You can read the column and the wild onion article at

Since I wrote about Allium triquetrum, the Chronicle received 3 letters scolding them for running it, since the plant is a weed. In fact I said it's a weed, and gave a lot of tips for keeping it from spreading or for getting rid of it. I have been able to keep it in a small corner of my garden using these methods, plus I grow some in a planter box. Weed or no, it sure is good to have it growing in my shady garden in the winter. In Golden Gate Gardening, several recipes specify green onion, or wild onion, or garlic chives (Alliium tuberosum), whichever you have at the time.

If you just got my blog address at one of several talks I gave recently, scroll down a bit and see some older entries, and expect a return to more regular ones now.


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