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Soil Temperature and Organic Methods of Gardening

Summer & Fall Classes

Summer is coming up and I will be teaching OH50, which is the intro to Horticulture for those considering a carreer in horticulture at City College of San Francisco this summer. It begins on June 12th, ends on July 26th, and meets every Tuesday and Thursday night inbetween from 5 to 10 PM. The first part of each evening's class is a lab in which we practice basic horticultural skiills. It is an accelerated class in summer, since it meets twice a week instead of the once a week it meets in the regular school year, so it's kind of intense, but come on over if you want to get a start in horticulture. You can read more about the course and the program at It is in the department of Environmental Horticulture and Floristry.

In the fall, starting the Saturday after Labor day, I will be teaching 111E one of my 3 6-week classes on vegetable and herb gardening. The topics of 111E are soil prep, compost (including worm composting) and the fall and winter crops we can grow. The class meets 9-1 on Saturdays and includes a lab in our demo garden. The dates are September 8 through October 13.

In spring, I probably will be teaching 101, called Garden Practices, which is a beginning gardening class for nonmajors. We cover all the basic topics, including tips on growing different kinds of ornamental and edible plants, and plant selection. It also meets on Saturdays, from 9-12. (The spring semester is not yet scheduled, so this is only a tentative plan.)


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anna maria

Hi Pam,
I'm enjoying both your books very much. When in March I joined the community garden in my new neighborhood (the Inner Richmond), I was immediately told that I should get Golden Gate Gardening, and so I did. Then just a couple of weeks later I obtained your Wildly Successful Plants. Both are great.
I'd love to take your class, but the hours just won't work for me. Even though I've been gardening off and on for some time there is always so much more to learn. Guess I'll keep reading and experimenting.

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