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My Dad's Banana Tree/Post-Frost

  1. In November of last year I wrote about my dad, who was almost 100 years old, and about his banana tree, which had set a large bunch of bananas. Bananas take 18 months to ripen, and he was looking forward to eating them. During January, there was a big frost, which damaged many plants here in San Diego County, including the banana tree. When I got here at the end of January, for his 100th birthday party, or parties, the plant was entirely brown save for the green fruit. Things were not looking good for the banana.

Vista_6507_007_mod4x6_2Now here I am in June. Dad is still going strong and the banana tree is mostly recovered. The stem with the fruit on it has no green leaves, but other stems do. The bananas (see photo) are green and seem to be swelling. So we are in suspense, hoping that Dad will be able to enjoy another taste of homegrown bananas this year.

Vista_6507_008_mod4x6Here is a photo of the entire plant, taken this week, showing how many new green leaves it has. What I don't know is how much nutrition the leafless stem (which arches up behind green leaves on the right side of the plant, and then ends in the long, pendulous fruit stem) can get only through the photosynthesis on the surface of the green fruit, and whether this will be enough to let it ripen. We shall see.


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Keep us posted, Pam. Love garden suspense stories like this.
Will it? Won't it?

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