Love those snap peas!
My Dad's Bananas are ripening!

Class on Mediterranean Food Gardening

My summer school class at City College of San Francisco is over. It is always intense, for me as well as for the students, since it meets 2 nights a week, 5 hours a night, and I'm afraid that it and the Chronicle column together, along with keeping my gardens intact, have kept me from writing in my blog. Now I am off to se my dad again, so will have a new report on his bananas. Then back to a couple of weeks of time off from teaching.

My next public class will be at Common Ground garden store ( on the morning of August 25th. It will be about how to relate to the mediterranean climate of the Bay Area to produce the best mix of year round crops and use them well. Some food and agriculture history, some climatology, lots of practical tips, a calendar, slides of locally grown crops, and some recipes. It is 10:30-12:30 and costs $25. Call them at (650) 493-6072 to preregister. It's a nice garden store too, worth checking out. It's a good source for all kinds of organic fertilizers, many sold in bulk.

I will be teaching a one unit, 6-week class at City College of San Francisco this fall, but it is full. It will be on soil prep, compost, and raising vegetables and herbs in fall and winter. If you miss it, I think I will be offering it again next fall, so try again. It usually starts the Saturday after Labor Day.


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