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More on Brazilian Peas

I am delighted to hear from Erica, who hails from Brazil, about the Brazilian pea mentioned in two recent posts. (The posts are from October 14 and October 26. Erica's comment follows the entry of October 14th.) So it is the "crooked pea with purple flowers," eh? That seems pretty accurate, since the pods do curl quite a bit. I have saved about 100 seeds, of which a few may not be viable. (Some of the pods decayed in those early rains we had this fall, and the peas were not quite ripe when I took them out of the pods.)

The seeds are interesting to look at, sort of mottled. Under a handlens, you can see that they are greenish with brown speckles. I will try to photograph them, but haven't done so yet. I will plant them this spring and see how they fare in the college garden.


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