We're in Snowland this Week
San Francisco Winter Garden in Bloom

From Snow to Frost

We are back from the snowy East, to a Sunday morning with frost on the housetops and in the cold center of the garden. Doesn't seem to be any serious damage, but I see that the lavender-flowered tree dahlia, so recently blooming, was burned by the cold. It is about 10 feet tall, in a container still, and looks like a blackened skeleton of itself now. The yellow cosmos in the front garden, however, are still blooming. A bit the worse for the wear from wind damage during last week's storm, but the parts still standing are still covered with the wonderful pale yellow blooms. (They came from a seed packet. I will look up the source and report it.) And I can see the china rose still blooming at the end of the garden. Winter roses are so cheery to see!

More photos soon. (I've had to give my Chronicle column priority since my return--that and wrapping presents.)

A Merry Christmas to all!


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