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0299697r01019_copy2 Time to announce that David Goldberg, the professional Landscape and Garden Photographer, who took the photos in my book Wildly Successful Plants: Northern California, will be teaching this spring at UC Berkeley Extension. The class is called Horticultural Photography, and will take place at the SF campus, Saturdays, starting March 29th. David is not only an excellent photographer, but also a clear and helpful teacher who will help you make a quantum leap into taking better photographs with your digital or film SLR. You may want to do that just for enjoyment, but if you are planning or already in a landscape career, you will want to know how to take the best possible shots to use for marketing or to enter competitions. To learn more about the class, check out You can also see lots of David's photographs on his website at, and can send him any questions you may have about the class.


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I'd love to go to something like this. My dad has been taking pictures since before I was born, and he especially loves taking photos of flowers and garden plants. When I was little he had a greenhouse and I have about a million photos of it that he took! I have a DSLR camera that I'd love to learn to take better pictures with.


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