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Rainy Day Greens

The gardens of the City are certainly green these days, but the gardeners are a bit blue, since it has been very difficult to find a dry day to work in gardens comfortably. It has been raining nearly every day for what seems like forever, but is really probably about a week and a half. And most of the rains have been really heavy, no misty days, just cold, driving rain.

Yes, we do need the rain. We are at 14 inches for the season now, 2 inches more than the average at this time of year, but don't we always want a more perfect arrangement? Maybe three days of nonstop rain and then four of sunshine each week until we reach the season's rainfall quota. That would be an improvement.

I ran out on Saturday afternoon and trimmed some of the plants in my front garden under a sky that looked threatening, but didn't drop any rain for several hours. The garden doesn't look wonderful even after that work, but I know it will look better for it in a few weeks. It is mostly a study in green now, from the chartreuse of the golden feverfew, through the gray green of California poppy leaves and the grayer green of bush morning glory. The white paludosum daisies are blooming, steel blue Cerinthe and clear blue Echium vulgare 'Blue Bedder', and an occasional red Schizostylis (crimson flag). But, already the watsonia leaves are about 2 feet tall and the sparaxis leaves are a foot, which means they will be sending up flower stems soon.

Today I sowed seed of collards, Florence fennel, and celeriac indoors and I have lettuce and leek seedlings in the windowsill. My Saturday class sowed all sorts of flowers and vegetables, which are in the greenhouse at the college. Can spring be far behind?


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