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Golden Gate Gardening Available Now

Due to a snafu with the distributor, my book Golden Gate Gardening (see cover in right column of this blog) has been unavailable for a little while. But now, my publisher says it is back in stock. Bookstores and other retail outlets can order it from the distributor PGW. Individuals who can't find it readily in a store can order it directly from Sasquatch Books, either online at or by calling them at 1(800) 775-0817. (Or tell your bookstore or nursery where to order it.) If you are gardening to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, or cutting flowers in the Bay Area, this book will definitely help you get more out of your garden all year. 


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Tim in Albion

Not only in the Bay Area - your book is indispensible for anyone gardening in the maritime climate of coastal NorCal, and probably OR as well. Anyone in Sunset Zones 16-17 should regard this book as the only reliable guide for their climate, and those in Zones 14-15 will find it very useful as well. Very happy to read that it is available again, as I have been recommending it to people up here in Mendocino!

Ann Simon

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