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Leeks, Tomatoes, Chayotes

2 copy A student who was in my Vegetables and Herbs class last fall sent me this photo of the leeks she grew, with thanks for the class. She said to note the long white shanks of her leeks, vs the much shorter white parst at the right that she was able to get from some purchased leeks. The longer shanks were the result of planting her leeks deeply and piling some earth around them. Thank you Sarah!

Otherwise in the garden there is lots of rain, which is good, but inhibits gardening. On Friday, I got my jeans really wet whiile harvesting. Almost forgot about how really cold and wet one could get in only about 20 minutes.

The good news about tomatoes is that I have located sources for all of the varieties reputed to have some resistance to late blight, and the college is planning to grow them for the plant sale. They plan to add a few other varieties too, for the lucky gardeners who have not been struck by the blight, and a few other kinds of vegetables. If history is an indicator, and it probably is, the sale will be Thursday May 7th.

The not so great news in that the chayote seems to be in decline, with no fruit that matured. I will cut it back and fertilize it, in hopes that next year will be better. I see it growing all around our neighborhood, but don't absolutely know it will bear here. Sure got a lot of fruit when I grew it in the MIssion. Stay tuned to see if it will work on the cold and windy hill that is the home of City College.


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