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Another Name Question: Hyacinth Bean

OK, someone who is good at other names for crops. Does anyone know what the hyacinth bean is called in Nicaragua? It is Dolichos lablab, or Lablab purpureus in Latin. I don't need the Spanish name, but the Nicaraguan name, which I am told is a different word. A friend here in the states wants to tell his father about the plant, but can't find the right word so that his father can find it there. It is a vine with beautiful purple flowers and pods that are edible when young. Needs too much summer heat to grow in my San Francisco garden, but have seen it growing in the Washington, D.C. area.

More photos soon. I am writing to a deadline that is coming up in 10 days, and feeling a little frantic.  


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I think the Portuguese name for hyacinth bean is feijão cutelinho or feijão da-índia. (Tilde over the a in feijão, cute accent over first i in índia.) See

Michael Baefsky

Hi Pam,

I'm pretty sure I've had late blight on tomatoes in my garden. I would love to try and replicate your study as you suggested. My garden is in the East Bay. Is anyone local selling the seeds of the varieties that you are planting? I should probably also replicate your planting plan, do you direct seed or grow them out as seedlings? Any other details about your growing setup that could be replicated would be cool including information about your soils, water source and watering technique(s), fertilization, etc.

Thanks for doing this.
Michael Baefsky,

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