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Tomato Trial On the Way

Tomato Seeding Day Is Tuesday

Tuesday, March 16th is seeding day for my tomato trial. A class at City College of San Francisco will be sowing seeds for the reportedly late blight resistant tomato varieties along with a bunch more to sell at our spring plant sale and for use in a trial to try to find something that will resist tomato late blight. Scroll down to see a complete list of the varieties we are growing. As the date of the sale approaches I think it's May 7th), I'll write up a list of everything we are growing. There will be early peppers and eggplants, lettuce, gai lohn, etc.

I have been working on a big writing project, and will be turning in 2/3 of it tomorrow. Only 1/3 to go, and then more time to garden, blog, etc. 

Yesterday as I stood by my window, a mockingbird flew within a yard of the pane and into the neighbor's blooming pear tree. Mockingbirds are such dramatic birds, all full of songs, and when they fly, they open up gray wings and reveal a broad V of white. They are so floppy when they fly. It doesn't seem they would stay afloat. My friend tells me her mother taught her they were "trash birds," a concept I don't get, and if you explained it to me I still wouldn't get. I have spent many an hour in a garden working and listening to mockingbird song and they were some of my favorite hours. 

Happy spring! (Almost) 


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Spidra Webster

Thanks for keeping us apprised of your tomato project. You say "Scroll down to see a complete list of the varieties we are growing" but I think it didn't make it to this blog entry. If you have time to paste it here, that would be great.

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