Tomato Seeding Day Is Tuesday
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Tomato Trial On the Way

Someone asked for the list of tomatoes we are trialing to see if any resist late blight.

Once more with feeling: Below is the list of tomato varieties that anecdotal evidence suggests might resiste tomato late blight, and therefore the ones we are growing for our trial. Actually, we have changed the red cherry to white cherry, do to an ordering error, but that should be resistant too if the red currant is.

We will be growing: 'Legend' (medium-sized fruit, bred for resistance, but may not resist the strain we have, from Territorial Seed Co.), 'Koralik' (cherry-sized, from Territorial Seed Co.) 'Tommy Toe' (cherry tomato, from Totally Tomatoes), 'Juliet' (grape-shaped tomato, from Totally Tomatoes), 'Matt's Wild Cherry', from Seeds of Change), red currant (wild variety, tiny fruit, from Totally Tomatoes, I think, but available several places).

All of the tomato seeds have been sown now, in a greenhouse, so we are on the way. We will be offering some of these plants for sale at the City College of SF Horticulture Department plant sale on May 7th, details to follow. If you want to plant all of the possibly resistant ones and a control, and report your results, you can register ahead of time through this blog to do so. We have one site offered, in the East Bay, but would like several, in different places. The criteria are 1. that you definitely have had late blight problems in the past and 2. are willing to grow the plants and report the results accurately. (and I guess 3. That you can pick up the plants at City College on May 7th or thereabouts.) (And, I suppose, assuming our seedlings all grow. I'll keep you posted.)


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I haven't had late blight problems, but I have ordered my seedlings from Territorial Seed (for delivery in late April) and one of them is Legend. I obviously don't qualify to participate formally, but I'll let you know if I have any problems with late blight this year and which plants were affected.

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