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Yes, I know, you've been looking and I wasn't here. The reason is that I have been finishing work on a new, third edition of Golden Gate Gardening. It is bigger and better, more up to date, and includes information as well as planting calendars for inland gardeners as far as Walnut Creek and San Jose. It will be out in February 2010 and I will be listing lectures and booksignings that I will be giving in the spring to celebrate its arrival.

I plan to get back to my blog now and continue to report on my garden and observations of nature in the City. I will be tell you about the year's experiments with leafminer and onion downy mildew control, and the results of my tomato late blight trials. I have been taking photos and will be showing them in posts.

Today was nicely warm and sunny in my home garden, as was yesterday. It is still wet after those two early rains we had. They may not help the overall water picture much, but they sure did make a difference to my gardens. It seems as though rainfall makes the garden happier than irrigation water even if the irrigation was adequate. Plants perk up after a rain as if to say, "Oh yes, that's more like it. Hope your fall garden is growing well. Be back again soon!