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Garden Photography Class

I know some of my readers have taken or thought about taking David Goldberg's Garden Photography Class at UC Berkeley Extension. You'll be glad to know that he is planning a class for spring 2011. A long way off, but you know how these things go. It will be a field/classroom alternation--a class in a garden that he will select, then a classroom session to review the images. (His photography career has given him access to many fine gardens.) If you have taken his previous classes, this one will be an enrichment and provide more experience. If you haven't, you can get started with this one. It can be taken with a film or digital SLR camera that has manual settings. The class will cover the skills needed to create great closeups as well as strong images of larger garden areas. You can see examples of his photographs on his website at or ask him questions about the class at [email protected].


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Pam Peirce

Hi John,

My family is the Quaker Peirce family that came to Pennsylvania with William Penn. They used to spell the name Pearce. I have heard of your family though. I think you pronounce it differently? Mine is Peerce. Do you say Peerce or Purce?
You can use the link at right to purchase the book on Amazon. Of course it will also be widely available at bookstores and nurseries in California, and I will be selling it at some of the above events, but if you are in BC, you won't be here.
Your climate is a bit different up there, but more like our coastal climate than most parts of the continent. I think knowing where someone is gardening is so useful, since it gives you solid info from which to extrapolate.
Best wishes,

Pam Peirce

John Peirce

My niece, Kat Peirce, put me onto your site. I live on an island on the BC coast with very mild winters and would like to get a copy of your book. Do you sell it directly over the net?

I am of course curious about you being a PEI Peirce. Is your family from the New England Peirces that originated with John Pers in Boston in the early 17th century?

John Peirce

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