A Birth in the Nest on Our Porch
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There were Two Little Birds--And They Have Flown

IMG_1712 copy
This is a photo from the first day we knew there were two little mourning doves in the hanging basket. Seems they stayed on different sides of the parent bird until this day, when we looked and saw two little eyes and two little beaks. So there have been two all along!

IMG_1717 copy
Things moved really fast after that. This is the next day. Momma and Papa are not in the nest, and babies have grown quite a lot of feathers in preparation for flight.

IMG_1725 copy
The following day, Momma and Papa are sitting together on our back fence. Babies are stil in the nest. Change is a-wing!

The next day, the nest was empty. Only one month from egg to fledging! Fun to watch, but David ran out immediately to water the fern! We didn't fertilize. The birds have been doing that--hopefully not too much!


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