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Instead of Amazon, Indiebound


Having been summarily dropped by Amazon.com as an affiliate, because of a new law in California that would require them to pay sales tax on sales here, I have summarily dropped them as well. I pay sales tax when I sell a book and feel that if I can do it, surely they can do it. California has ongoing revenue problems, and I think it is time for internet sellers to step up to the plate and help out. If they did, I've read estimates that the state would earn 1.2 billion dollars more than at present. And that, dear readers, would fund a lot of education, health, welfare, and infrastructure.

I had already begun a changeover from Amazon to IndieBound, and this caused me to solve the technical problems and get the links set up fast. Now when you click on the links to my books, on either this blog or my web site (pampeirce.com), you will find yourself at IndieBound.org. This wonderful site lets you order books through local independent bookstores. (The site also includes a sort of "social networking about books" function and offers tantalizing book suggestions.) Supporting these brick and mortar stores provides local jobs and adds sales tax needed to run our state. Also, ordering the books locally saves energy used to ship them to you. Please resist the megacorps and pay to promote goals you believe in.


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Pam Peirce

Hi zeezee,

As long as you leave links to Amazon on your blog, they can make money from you. That's why I acted so quickly. If they are not letting me have my pittance for advertising them, I'll be darned if I will do it!


I think I thanked you before, when you mentioned indiebound, but I want to thank you again.

I also received an email from amazon, and I still haven't paid much attention to it, but when I really start to make a move, indiebound, is where I am going. Thanks again!

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