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Cucumbers in December?

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If you have any doubts that this has been a mild fall in San Francisco, consider this: I shot this photo of a plump cucumber in my garden on December 23rd! Although the leaves are dying, a few are still green and the cucs, though small, keep coming. They are also deliciously tender, crisp, and sweet. They received rave reviews in a large Christmas salad we made for a potluck.The plants tell us about the weather as surely as do the thermometor and the rain guage. I think the reasons for this ongoing success are both the mild temperatures and the lack of rain.

How unusual is this late harvest? I've been growing this variety of cucumber, 'Burpless Tasty Green', in the same San Francisco garden for maybe 30 years, and this is the first time they have borne this late. Usually, I pick the last of them by early to mid-November. This year, not only did I pick 3 cucs on December 23rd, but 2 more small ones on December 30th!.

The harvests from a winter garden always seem like special gifts. Hope yours is providing some for you as well--and Happy New Year!




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Pam Peirce

Hi Lotus,

Yes, late harvests are a perk of our late rainy season. We love them, but I am left with an uneasy feeling--hoping for some rain in the first months of 2012.
Glad to hear your African blue is thriving. Mine too. Pesto from garden basil in January! What a treat!


We picked cherry tomatoes for our Xmas dinner salad! Pam, we met you at the Hercules Library book signing, and wanted to let you know that the African Blue Basil you recommended is doing great and I put one plant indoors so I'm still harvesting that as well. Pesto all winter!

Lotus in Berkeley

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