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Spring Gardening Classes

It’s December, with the holidays approaching, but it's not too soon to begin to think about gardening classes for spring. The spring City College Vegetable and Herb classes have been cut, due a serious budget shortfall (more of the squeeze higher education is suffering). However, there are many options for classes.

                One class that will last all spring, giving you a chance to follow the season in a garden is the Urban Gardening School that will be co-sponsored by the Garden for the Environment (7th Avenue and Lawton) and 18 Reasons (3674 18th St.) It will take place from January 18th to June 23, on the one Wednesday and one Saturday each month. There will be twelve sessions total. In order to learn more about the class, you can call 18 Reasons at 568-2710, or you read about it and purchase tickets at

                In addition to this longer class, the Garden for the Environment continues to host short workshops (2-2 1/2 hours). Many of these are free. You can find out their schedule by calling them at ccc-cccc or at their web site, which is .

                Another place you can find gardening workshops in San Francisco is Sloat Garden Center, at 2700 Sloat Blvd,

                The Urban Farmer Store hosts classes for professionals on drip irrigation, garden lighting, and related topics, but they also offer some classes for home gardeners, especially in the spring and summer. Right now they are collecting applicants for a pilot SF program to help you install a graywater system. It includes a workshop and a steep discount on material to build your system. You can read about it at or call the Urban Farmer Store at (415) 661-2204.

Hear of any other classes? Let me know.


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