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Link to Article on Growing Food in Shade

This summer I gave several talks at the SF Public Libraries and mentioned an SFGate.com article on growing food crops in the shade. Earlier in July, I found that the link to this article was broken. I reported the problem and the SFGate technical staff said they would look into it. It is finally repaired, so here is the working link: http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/Best-edibles-to-grow-in-shade-in-Bay-Area-3747126.php  Enjoy!






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Pam Peirce

I had to write two messages to the technical staff of sfgate.com before they could fix the glitch, but I was able to connect to my column on growing food in shade just now, not at the address in the previous comment but at:

Let me know if you get there OK.


is this the one u are looking for?


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