Grow Mesclun for Delectable Mixed Greens
Redworm Compost in the time of Covid

Gardening in a Crisis--Resources

If you have a food garden these days, while we are sheltering in place, I know you are grateful for whatever it produces. I am harvesting lettuce and other salad greens (including miner's lettuce and some mesclun), Swiss chard, collards, parsely, cilantro, wild onions, and still have some maggot-free radishes too. I have on the way: globe onions, carrots (still tiny seedlings), mustard greens, snap peas, peppers, and tomatoes. 

One issue for many gardeners right now is where to find seedlings and soil products. I have just discovered that the Garden for the Environment has a new blog and one of their entries is where to get garden supplies. They have information on hours, curbside pickup and delivery for several nurseries and hardware stores. It was posted on March 25th.

There are other useful topics to explore on this blog. 

Hope your garden is going well and that you are staying safe!


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Pam Peirce

You can always send me questions through my website, at I try to find answers to questions asked that way, and the answers inform future columns and revisions of Golden Gate Gardening.
You can also find information at the University of California Cooperative Extension website for your county. Try an internet search or guess a web address, which is usually ce[county name] or ce[county name].org. (There is one for the several counties around Sacramento that is reached at This Department of Agriculture organization sponsors Master Gardener programs in most counties, which offer gardening education through classes and web articles.If they do, you will find that information on their web site. In some counties, they also offer in-person plant clinics (though some of these may be unavailable during Coronavirus restrictions). For example, there is such a clinic at the U.C. Botanical Garden., U.C. also maintains a number of easily found web sites that offer home gardening help. There are excellent sites about fruit trees and about pest management.


thank you! I just joined the victory garden bandwagon and it has been an interesting experience. I have touched base with other gardeners as I have come along. Where is the best forum for asking questions not covered in the books or can be answered by google (of the gardeners I know)?

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