Subscribing to this blog: Notifixious

The other day I added a feature that lets you subscribe to this blog. Scroll down and look on the right to find it. You can subscribe by email or several other systems. Let me know how it works for you.

Also, hope you noticed the Lijit search feature that's been in place for a long time. You can use it look for particular topics in my blog. I often blog about the same plants or plant pests over time, so this lets you pull all the posts on one subject together and read through them. 

I have to work in my garden this week. So much to do. Spray the apple tree with canola oil dormant oil again to combat woolly apple aphid, prune the hedge, plant some tigridia bulbs, repair the brick patio where the fence builders damaged it. A little sunshine, the cold wind has let up, so it's time to go at it! Hope you have time to work on your garden, and have a garden to work on. (Or, if not, consider volunteering on Alcatraz. The gardens there are glorious, and it is a spectacular place to be gardening. You can find out how at Or look for a community garden. You can find a list through the web site of SFGRO, that tells you where they are and whether they have room.

Incidentally, there will be an event to celebrate the publication of the book Cracks in the Asphalt, a photo-illustrated guide to selected community gardens in San Francisco, on Thursday evening, March 26, 7 pm, at Get Lost Travel Books,1825 Market (between Valencia and Guerrero, corner of Pearl). Author Alex Hatch will be there, and Jude Kosky of SFGRO. It is a nice, small book, with maps and interesting facts about the neighborhoods around the gardens. A tour guide, if you will.